Jill, Support Worker

August 10, 2021

Jill shares a little of her background and her reasons for wanting to work with Rise

Good food and mealtimes were very important to us as a family and we were all encouraged to learn to cook, to entertain friends and family and welcome people into our home, sharing food and faith together.  Looking back it was amazing to have that start in life and to find a faith of my own during that time that has sustained me over the years through the different challenges that life throws at you.  My love of food and its importance to family life, probably stimulated my interest in Dietetics which I studied at University and then got a job in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  My job was to ensure peoples eating habits and restrictions did not limit their food choices or their lifestyle despite their illness requiring changes to be made to their diet.  I lived and worked in Belfast for 10 years.  I was able to explore all over the island of Ireland during that time and had a great time, making lifelong friends as well as meeting and marrying my husband Graham.

For the past 27 years we have lived in Glasgow and brought our 3 boys up in Scotland. Food has continued to be an important part of our family life and we always gathered around the table to eat together, something that seems to becoming rarer nowadays.  Our boys still enjoy coming home for interesting food and indeed also love cooking themselves.  During lockdown they took it in turns to cook meals and we had a lot of interesting food from different cultures during that time.

Faith is the other important part of my life, and during lockdown I found my relationship with God became even more important and enjoyed spending time with Him at home.  Graham and I are involved in a local Baptist Church and I am part of the leadership team there.  I am involved in running a community cafe as part of the church, and we are in the process of developing a Renew Wellbeing Space for the community to enjoy when lockdown eases and we are able to re-open our doors again.

Rise is such a fantastic way to combine my love of food and people, as I get to know the trainees, seeing them flourish as they learn new skills and gain confidence in their own abilities. An added bonus is learning about new foods and new cultures which I just love. I am so excited to get to know the amazing women, and feel honoured to be part of this great team and will gain so much and have lots of fun too!

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